I'm Damaged, As I'm Sure You Know, part six

Instead of doing the smart thing and meeting the demands, Mia phoned one of the assassins employed by The Case Corp once Sabra and Lateralis left her office. The assassin, a Samedi girl named Purity, found Sabra later that night. Instead of trying to kill Sabra however, Purity was more interested in making deals. She told Sabra that instead of killing her as she was being paid to do, she would rather the two learn from each other. In exchange for teaching Sabra Necretomy and low levels of Animalism, Sabra would teach her Celerity, Potence, and Fortitude. Though Sabra was curious as to who had hired the Samedi to kill her, Purity would not tell and Sabra had a good idea who it was anyway.

True to form, Sabra and Lateralis' relationship began to suffer, though this time it wasn't entirely Sabra's fault. Lateralis was a busy man and sometimes days would pass without her seeing him at all. Sabra began spending more time with Purity to pass the nights. They taught each other and learned from each other and one night, Purity let a bit of information slip. She told Sabra she had ended her employment with The Case Corp. Sabra knew then who had hired Purity, and after the Samedi left that night, Sabra called Mia Giovanni to set up another meeting. Sabra drove to the office building and met with Mia in the same meeting room as last time. Same as last time, when Sabra entered the room, she felt herself cut off from her blood powers due to a ward placed on the room, but she knew she could use this to her advantage.   [ Continue ]

written by Lisa Roberts