Corps to the Core: Part One 

"Move! Move! Move!"

Fire. Screams. Confusion. Agony.


"Fire at Will! Fire at Will! Keep it frosty!"

Plasma castings. Melting walls. Screaming. Blood.


"Second Platoon, forty meters left, Section 4, Deck One! Third Platoon...FUCK!!..."

Lights. Fear. Slaughter. Failure. Deceit.

Momma. Daddy.

"We've lost three Platoons to these fuckers! Engage Ragnarok, or so help me, we're all fucked! Lieutenant, bring about Eighth. Seventh, take Hall 216. They don't get past this barrier!"

They bled. Sliced up like synthmeat. Only they bled. 

Her body. Separated at the belly. Entrails spread out across the floor like an H.R. Giger painting. Bleeding. Gone.


"The Gikhak have Section Three! We can't hold on much longer!!"

"Pull back! Pull back! Get your asses to the pods, sweethearts!!"

His entire head. Flat on the floor. Like play-dough. Like. Ground beef. Bleeding. Gone.


"Come on, sweety! Michelle! Come on!"

Pulled. Mr. Nose. My teddy. Mr. Nose.

"Quick! Get fastened in!"

Pod door shutting. Pressurized atmosphere. Four gee's. Turbulence.

"Fuck.. fuck.. fuck.. we've lost AC-1A… fuck…."

Crying. Pain. Loss. Oblivion.


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written by Kyle S