Corps to the Corp: Part 2

Lazy day in the spaceport today. Saline rain hammered the rocks outside, running down the windows as she munched on a vita-bar.

She was in full gear, on duty. Incursions had been lax lately and Control was under the impression that alien forces were gathering, since they had not attacked for some time. Likely, they were just licking wounds, the way that you do when you've lost part of your soul to the battle and can't get it back. It's already gone, taken when you shot that thing that was flying at you with appendages aplenty and a nasty attitude and its own technology.

She didn't like slow months. Slow months made a person lose combat effectiveness. Already, her squad was down on strength and stamina requirements. Lax use meant a lax body. God forbid one of them got tired out on the field, tripped and became bogey food. One more statistic to be racked up by Control and slammed and dragged along her face in proficiency reviews.

Still, all this gave her a purpose when otherwise, who knows what she would have done. The colonies only had certain job fillings and most were done by families, out here on the Horizon. A father had a son who took over his job. She'd seen on vids that sometimes this was like that on Earth. Fuck Earth. She didn't trust a planet she'd never seen.

Jennifer separated from her months ago, out on a patrol on SR-34. Gindy uprising. Easy stuff for her, but at least it was action that Michelle wasn't seeing. Lucky Jennifer, who got all the breaks. At least she still had her soul. Michelle had lost hers too long ago.

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written by Kyle S.