Brianna - Part 3

A week has passed since Tykir rescued Brianna from the street gang attack on her and Sleet. Every day, as for the first day they met, Tykir comes to her for the evening meal and they always end up spending the night talking about everything and nothing.. mostly Brianna does the talking and he does the listening. Then, as morning comes, he leaves her to sleep only to appear once again as the sun sets.

At first, Briann thought nothing of the weird hours. Sure,  she wondered how many hours Tykir had to sleep before he could even wake up; but just because her own system only needed 6 hours of sleep to function did not mean the same went for everyone.

Still, it somewhat bothered her that not once her rescuer had invited her to visit his apartments. She had since discovered he owned the top floor of the hotel they were living in so she could come and go from her bedroom to the huge entertainment center that had been installed in what once was a room. If she wanted to go out, one of the hotel employee was always available to go with her.. a fact that never ceased to amuse Brianna. She had survived living on the street for 8 months - okay not always all that successfully if last week was any indication, but she still had managed. So to think those people felt they had to escort her all over the place in daylight was simply amusing to her. Some days it was downright annoying to have that shadow follow her, but it was a small price to pay to have a roof over her head every night and some excellent company. Which brought her back to the subject of...  [ Next ]

Written by Jacynthe F. Durocher