Brianna - Part 2

When Brianna comes to, the first thought that crosses her mind is "I am dead. Finally no more people will be taking advantage of me." The pain that shots into her neck when she tries moving makes her revise that concept though. Even if she doesn't know anything about Heaven, it goes against everything she thought she knew to feel pain with the Lord. So this only means one thing: she is still alive after all.

"Sleet.." Her voice comes out barely above a croaked whisper even to her own ears but some movement in the room follows, sign someone did hear her. Fear runs through her as the sounds come closer.

"Do not be afraid, I do not wish you any harm." Comes a softly accented voice. "You were attacked and I happened to pass by. I was able to save you, but I am afraid it was too late for your friend. I am sorry."

A silent tear rolls down Brianna's cheek as the words crush the slight hope that Sleet had escaped with her. She wasn't even aware she had been hoping until that hope was gone.

"I truly wish I could have been there sooner to save him too...", the voice says again out of the shadows.

Brianna listens intently to the voice, trying to decide whether this presence is really a friendly one or this is just some scheme to deceive her. This is definitely a masculine voice, although it does not sound quite as deep as a man's voice. So this means a young adult. The accent and the words make him sound as a stranger, not some native of Ireland that is for sure. And if he defeated the attackers, this means he had to be well-muscled. [ Next ]

Written by Jacynthe F. Durocher