Bloody Castle

Foot steps echoed through the hall as she walked down it in her black attire. Her black hair hanged down in her face. A black trench coat trailed behind her. She walked into a large hall and spotted the king nodding of in his sleep. She stood in front of the throne as the king woke up and she reached back and grabbed a arrow from her arrow sack. The king looked up at her.

"Who are you?" he asked.

" I am Ashanti, servant of Damon. Your kingdom has been defeated." she said coldly.

Before the king could answer she shot the arrow in his heart and his body fell limp. She threw the body aside and sat down on the throne. A silver symbol glowed on her arm as she talked to someone un-seen.

"The mission is complete master." she said. A small hissing voice answered in return. "Yessss get the spells ready. This world is in for a big impact." the voice hissed. "Yes master."

She stood and walked over to the window and looked out with her gray eyes glowing red.

"We have plans for you earth many plan." she laughed silently then turned away looking around the hall and said three words silently, just three words. "My new home." [ Continue ]

written by Ashanti