Bloode Above All

Bloode above all was my decree as I pledged my loyalty to Drago L@Court offering my service as Protector/Assassin for the Family. After doing so, Drago sent me on a mission to find out what his nemesis Shockwave was up to, so off I went knowing in order to get in close I would have to come up with a plan. So I decided how best to get close than to offer myself as a disciple to learn the ways of the Ninja, so I did and Shockwave took me under his wing. Which I did but never going back on my word to betray the Family. Over the years I learn everything I could from Shockwave, I even mastered the powers of Time and Space. After years away, I went back home to discover I was betrayed by my love, that she went and married Izzy of OM. I went into a fury planning to kill him but was stopped when it was explained to me that I had been away and she had fell out of love with me. So I went away to travel the realms, angry, ready to kill any who crossed me. So I took contract after contract, killing, taking my victims souls, then one day I took the contract to kill an Ancient. Knowing this would prove impossible I tried anyway, battered and bruised, I had my ass handed to me. But I was determined when I was stopped by Julian Darque. Another Ancient who would have killed me on the spot but my contract saved my ass since it was placed by a former love. After I apologized for trying to kill an Ancient, I received his blade Ragnarok, which I renamed WolfSlayer, since it would kill an Ancient and then I was named The Guardian of Ancients to replace my nephew Austin Ross who had disappeared. So I took my new post and quelled all threats when the most terrible happened. Lord Predator and Shockwave had killed Drago. That leaving my eldest sister, Skyflame, in charge. So the Family slowly dissolved after hearing that a betrayal was at hand.  [ Close Window ]

written by ShadowWolfBlade L@Court