Another Night at Work

The city was surprisingly quiet for this time of the night. There were few cars driving down the usually busy street and only a few people were walking down the usually busy sidewalk. Even with the streetlights glaring, there were shadows everywhere. Especially leading into the alleys. Within one of those alleys, a figure slowly faded into view. Looking around, the man checked to see if anyone had noticed his presence even though he felt completely sure that he hadn't.

The man was of average height, with short black hair and dark eyes that seemed to penetrate every shadow he looked into. His dark outfit accented by a dark leather jacket and black boots only served to enhance the paleness of his skin. Taking a glance at his watch, he saw that he was exactly on time. Looking across the street, he saw his target. This man wore a tan overcoat, with a tan fedora style hat. "Trying so hard to look cool.", chuckled the dark haired man. With a preternatural quietness, he stepped out from the alley and started following his target.

After half an hour, the man in the tan coat arrived at his destination, a townhouse that looked pretty much like any other on the dark street. Watching from the shadows across the street, the man in black saw his target go up to the door and talk to the large man stationed out front. With a curt nod, the hulking man resumed his watch of the street and opened the door for his leader. Nodding to himself with a smile, the ebon dressed man slowly faded from view.

Doug had been standing here all night and was just told that he had to watch out for a few more hours. Sighing to himself, he wondered if it was worth it all. Thinking about what his boss would do to him if he left his post was enough to convince him that he better stay. Doug had seen what happened to people who went against the boss's orders and it wasn't a pretty sight. He still couldn't believe the way the boss had ripped off the arm of the last guy to screw up.

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written by Tony/Taron